Are You Planning to be a Better Man?

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Are You Planning To Be A Better Man?

It’s 1st of March already. Wow! Two months of 2015 has flown past quickly…

Was it one of your New Year resolutions to improve your relationships, to be more patient? To be a Better Man?

Then listen to Robbie Williams.

He’s got a few things to say about what it takes to be a Better Man…

As my soul heals the shame,

I will grow through this pain.

Lord, I’m doing all I can.

To be a Better Man.”

What is it about Shame?

Funny how shame comes into it. Changing and growing includes giving up stuff that makes you feel sad and small.

Shame does that to you.

Shame was something that either:

  • you did to yourself or
  • someone else did to you.

It is more likely that someone did something bad to you which made you feel ashamed.

Then, you carried this shame around with you like some raggedy, torn, dirty and shabby jacket that you wear.

You inflicted more shame on yourself.

You attracted more people to prove that you should feel ashamed.

It’s like you carry an “Invisible” Sign that says, “SHAME”…

Then it’s almost like you’re proud of this shame. Stupid yeah?

That has to stop. Because it’s not true.

You’re not broken, you’re not worthless.

Sure you made some mistakes. Some bad choices. Everyone does it too.

That was in the past. It’s gone. Finished.

Keeping the shame is like keeping a jacket soiled with vomit and smelling it again and again. That’s gross right?

You’ve been listening to the wrong radio station. Radio Shame.

So please do yourself a favour and give it up. Switch stations, find something easy listening. Radio A-OK!

And throw away that “jacket”. Burn it!

Draw a picture of a jacket on a piece of paper, write down some words that you feel about it and burn it. Imagine your shame disappearing as that piece of paper is destroyed.

Never to touch you again.

It’s no longer appropriate for the New You!

You deserve better… much better!


Live Long and Prosper.


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