RIP Robin Williams. Nanu Nanu signing off…

Our favourite comedian, Robin Williams, signed off on Monday, 11 August 2014 from his home in North California.

As tributes flow in for him and the way that he has touched millions of people, we can trace his beginnings to Mork and Mindy.

Watching the first of his Mork and Mindy TV series brought back fond memories. He had so many funny lines coming out of his mouth which were so original and became the trademark of Robin Williams alias Mork. Some of the things he said could be used as `Dating advice’ (things not to say to your date, unless she’s another Mindy).

“Is it time to flatter you?”
“You have a lovely fungus growing out of your head.”
“I’m impressed, is it time to kiss yet?”
“Don’t sit on my face!”
“I can tie ropes too…”
“Give me your earlobe delicious one…”

He said he was new to this dating ritual… being alien and from another galaxy.

A brilliant light in the galaxy has been snuffed out. He was One of a Kind. He came as an alien and became our friend, warming our hearts with his laughter, humour and compassion even as he struggled with his own battles.

Nanu Nanu and RIP Robin. We will miss you. Our prayers to his family and friends during this time.

Mork and Mindy Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

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