By 2020 Digital Business to Nonhuman customers

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By 2020 Digital Business To Nonhuman Customers

I found this today. Thought provoking!

By 2020, where will your business be?

Who will be your main customers?

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Extract from the article:

“Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of business will be digital businesses or preparing to become one. However, a Gartner digital business survey showed that only 22% of respondents defined themselves as already being a digital business. Most organizations, or 41%, see themselves as a digital marketing business, and 22% of companies remain Web businesses.”

Many CIOs are struggling with this. How to get the business ready for the 2nd wave of the digital business evolution?

Innovation is key. If you don’t innovate and spend the necessary money in new technology & systems, you’ll be left behind. Don’t forget you’ll need new staff and retraining to get all staff on board with the changes.

Still Using Call Centres And Telemarketers?

Forget that! You’re wasting your money. By 2020, 85% of customers will manage their interaction with the business, without interacting with a human.

Would you buy anything when a stranger rings you up with an offer? I like to have time to check the information, check what else is available and what the competition is offering. The salesperson will say there’s a cooling off period but getting a refund is such a hassle, why bother?

Ask me for a better solution!

People can get just about ANY information they want from the internet now. Including searching social media platforms for reviews of products & services, plus the companies & how good (or bad) their customer service is.

Just go to any company’s Facebook page and check their comments. If they have problems, it’ll show up with many people complaining.

There are also Product Review Sites where people can share their customer experiences. People can vote for the best & worst companies & products.

The companies who have paid the price to set up early will see their investments bear fruit.

What about you?

Do you want to be on the inside or outside looking in?

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh