Career Change | Reinvention

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Career Change | Reinvention


Are you at a Crossroads in your life?

    • Are certain challenges troubling you and you just need a little help to find peace of mind?
    • Are Toxic emotions like stress, anger, frustration or depression affecting your life and you’d like my help to clear them?
    • Have some problems been harder to shake off and you’d like some clarity and help to let go?
    • Are you unemployed (or been made redundant) and would like my help to process what’s happened, to let go of negative emotions and to reframe your past to change your future?
    • You may feel that something is missing and you’d like to talk to someone objective and in confidence.
    • You may sense that certain patterns are repeating themselves.
    • Would you like to understand why and to stop the merry-go-round?

Do you want to take the Easy Way or continue in the painful Hard Way?

Rather than continuing to take the hard way, why not take the Easy Way?

There’s actually nothing wrong with you.

You’ve just been using the `bad programming’ that was installed in you by other people such as your parents and other care givers when you were a child and you’ve learnt to use strategies to protect yourself.

Since those strategies are no longer working for you, why not learn new and more effective strategies to get what you want? You’re using the same effort (if not even more) to sabotage yourself.

When your car is not working, you’d take it to your mechanic right?

“It’s your spark plugs. They need changing!”

So if you’re not happy, who’s your `mechanic’? What do you need to change?

Stop trying to solve the wrong problem!

Instead, why not:

    • Learn to meditate and release stress?
    • Meditation opens up your mind to new possibilities and solutions.
    • Ask for a customised guided meditation made for you according to your specific needs. Use this to reprogram your mind while you jog or walk about town.
    • This is not a cookie cutter meditation that you can get for free from YouTube.
    • It will be specific to your life, your challenges and outcomes/results required.

Everything you share with me will be kept in strict confidence.

Ask for my #EasyWay Solution!

Here are some “Stories” to illustrate the kind of toxic emotions that you may be experiencing. They do not represent real people or any of my clients; however the situations are common enough.

Frank’s struggle with anger
Julie’s abandonment issues
A self-aware person can do anything!
Are you addicted to pain and suffering?

Reinvention, Rebranding or Career Change

Reinventing Yourself Can be Good Fun!

If you’re not used to the word `reinvention’, how about “Career Change”, “Transition”, “Rebranding” or “Kick Starting” your life or career?

Or perhaps you need a “Sea Change”? Read more below…

These days many companies and jobs have gone overseas to India, Philippines, Asia or even South America where it’s cheaper to operate. How secure is your job? Companies are under pressure to make some jobs obsolete in order to save money.

Please check my blog posts on Artificial Intelligence/Robots. They’re taking over our jobs!

Keep an open mind & find out how other people have done it. Reinventing your life takes some time and effort. It’s preferable to start it BEFORE you lose your job.

Dig your well before thirsty

1. Colin Firth from Romantic Hero to Secret Agent/Spy in “Kingsman: The Secret Service”!

Are you thinking of reinventing yourself? Like Colin Firth?

Maybe you’re tired of what you’re doing now and you’d like a change…

Perhaps you’re bored and need a new challenge?

You may not want to be an actor…

However, it’s useful to learn how Colin Firth and Liam Neeson did it.

2. Liam Neeson reinvented himself into an Action Hero before age 60 and got himself a $20 million pay check!

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh




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