Goofy Left Shark steals Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show!

Left shark Katy Perry

Goofy Left Shark Steals Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show!

A Super Bowl ad is very expensive.

About USD4.5 million for a short 30-60 second ad! Wow!

There were several new kinds of ads in the 2015 season but Katy Perry’s half time show upstaged some of them. It had some unexpected surprises!

One of her dancers, who’s been called #LeftShark, had tweeters in an uproar with his Goofy dance moves!

I wonder why #Leftshark was dancing so out of sync with #RightShark?

My advice to #Leftshark:

  1. Get bigger eyes in that costume of yours. No wonder you can’t dance!
  2. Are you from another planet? Do you need some dance lessons?
  3. Ask for a walkie talkie embedded in your costume to tell you what to do and where and when to turn!

Adorable Awkwardness

Actually, Left Shark’s messed up choreography was done on purpose for the show. But like anything that’s planned, sometimes it’s the #AdorableAwkwardness moments that captures our imagination and hearts.

Left Shark has many fans who’re in love with his dancing style. It makes people laugh. And when you can make people laugh, you’re a Hero!

Goofy Left Shark

Well done Katy for allowing this to happen on your show!

PS. If you found Left Shark adorable, how about finding out what happens to the real sharks. Please avoid shark fins soup!

100 million sharks killed a year. Mostly for their fins (shark fins soup)