Caught reading Guilty Pleasures!

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Guilty Pleasures.

Guilty Pleasures!

Reading should be safe enough. Right?

But when you’re reading one of Laurell K. Hamilton’s books, strange things can happen! It could be risky!

If you’re caught with #Guiltypleasures, it’s straight to court for you…

In this case, I was quizzed about what I was reading.

Unused to being on the spotlight, I was a little nervous…

I answered perhaps a little foolishly, “Your honour, in my defence I was reading Guilty Pleasures!”

I continued, “Have you heard of this book? By Laurell K. Hamilton?”

She nodded.

The judge glared at me and shot out tersely, “Did you enjoy it?”

Shaking with nerves, yet defiant and unapologetic, I answered, “Yes, your honour.”

Her dark eyes burned into mine. “A lot?”

Gulp! Shall I confess or not? “Yes…”

My sentence? “You shall read 10 more Anita Blake and come back!”

Almost lightheaded with relief, I nodded…

“Yes! Yes! With pleasure!”

I shook at the way she looked at me…

“And bring that darn book into my chambers!”

Oh yes!

Laurell K. Hamilton

You can find her on Twitter as @LKHamilton

To catch an idea of the book, Guilty Pleasures and the series featuring Anita Blake, click here:

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