Disney’s Horrible Week

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Disney’s Horrible Week

Not one of Disney’s greatest weeks. Alligators and kids are not a good mix.

  1. It started with Voice singer, Christina Grimmie being shot dead after her concert.
  2. Orlando Pulse Club Shooting which left 49 people dead.
  3. Disney Hotel: Alligator attack left a 2 year old boy dead.

Disney officials said, “We’ve never had an attack in 45 years since the waterways were created.”

All that means is that they’ve been lucky so far.

“There are an estimated 1.3 million alligators in Florida, said Arnold Brunell, a wildlife biologist and researcher for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”

When you hear these, alarm bells should start ringing.

  • We’ve always done it like this. (Why should we change? Do they care enough for their customers?)
  • This has never happened before. (You spoilt our perfect record.)
  • This is the first time … (We were not prepared for it. We don’t know what to do.)

Your customer doesn’t care how many times it has happened.

They have a problem NOW and they need you to fix it. ASAP.

Alligator attacks child at Disney Florida

Did Disney give enough warnings about alligators?

Should Disney Signs have warned explicitly about alligators?

This raised questions like:

  • Did Disney have written warning & safety guidelines for all guests when they checked in? Especially parents with young children? Parents to sign as proof that they have read it and agree.
  • Were Disney’s signs adequate? Their signs said “No swimming.” No mention of alligators.
  • When guests used the beach during the night of the attack, did any Disney staff warn them not to swim or enter the waters?
  • Disney had a movie outdoors on the beach in the evening. Parents with young children were welcomed without any supervision or warning about alligators.
  • Persons or guests nearby or on the beach: Did they warn the parents about alligators? It’s better to be over cautious to avoid any tragedies.

Safety guidelines like the above are not expensive or difficult to implement. Disney staff should have it imprinted on their minds that their guests safety is their No. 1 priority. I’m really surprised that a big corporation like Disney can get this wrong. They had become complacent. 45 years without any incident doesn’t mean the risk is not there.

If you see something that’s not right, please say something. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. They may not.

“The story here is this is a tragedy and terrible, but it’s a rare occurrence,” Wiley said. “And fortunately it doesn’t happen that often and we are doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t ever happen again.”

Disney to add Warning Signs For Alligators Too late for Lane Graves.

To the family who have lost their son, this is cold comfort. RIP Lane Graves.

Disney failed in their duty of care to their guests and their children.

They knew that alligators could be found in the waterways and even had staff looking out and killing any alligators found BUT they did not warn their guests adequately.

For Disney to promote a movie outdoors on the beach in the evening is a bad idea, without the necessary safeguards. That time of the day is a bad time for adults, let alone young children who are at risk from hungry alligators. The beach area was not cordoned off and young children were allowed to play on the beach and in the waters without any adult supervision. I doubt that any parents who were warned of the risks would allow their children there.

Disney knew the dangers in their environment. Their guests did not. Now everyone knows. Is Disney still a safe family friendly place?

Parents with young children are under a lot of pressure. Holidays can be exciting but have their own headaches. While some people have blamed the parents for what happened, please remember that the father tried his best to save his son. He fearlessly went after the alligator but it got away. He will in likelihood be suffering from guilt for the rest of his life for failing to save his son.

Alligator attack a legal nightmare for Disney

Disney have been advised to settle with the parents quickly. Disney donated $1million to the victims of the Orlando Shooting. Throwing money at people doesn’t always send people the right message. Would a substantial settlement bring back their boy? No.

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh