Jack Dorsey & Twitter’s Aha! #Moments!

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Jack Dorsey & Twitter’s Aha! #Moments

Jack Dorsey is back at Twitter as CEO.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter #Moments & Marketers   My post on LinkedIn

He reportedly lost his position as CEO before for taking time out to enjoy things like yoga and fashion design. Obviously the management at that time thought that Jack was not focusing enough on his job.

Taking time off to enjoy things like yoga? Was a big No No! A CEO was not allowed to have time off or to enjoy himself. Please roll your eyes! When a CEO is not happy or too stressed out, guess what happens? They don’t perform well.

How wrong could they be?

Yoga and meditation have grown to be accepted by millions of people now. These practices are not only good for your physical & mental health, they put you into the space of “ALLOWING.”

Your mind slows down, you become more aware. You are more open to divine guidance and inspiration in this state of mind.

What about fashion design? Many marketers and fashion outlets may have benefited from Jack’s interest in fashion design! Twitter could have developed a robust advertising system like Facebook giving them lots of needed revenue.

Hundreds of millions of people have left Twitter. Why? They were:

  1. Bored – People can be entertained on YouTube for hours without being limited to Twitter’s 140 characters. They’re removing this limit but it may be too late…
  2. Not relevant – Again people can find news, videos & movies on too many channels now. What’s Twitter got that’s different? Twitter is competing with the likes of Netflix and Hulu for attention!
  3. Culture – One of the comments on my LinkedIn post mentioned India. Twitter needs to be more relevant for their culture. Dating apps are popular in India and people could share their Aha! #Moments on Twitter! Could this Dating App be India’s take on Tinder?
  4. Hard to use – Some people don’t understand how to use Twitter and they can’t be bothered to find out. Most people are users, meaning they don’t create new content to put on YouTube. They can search for new content to watch or YouTube will select some based on their viewing history. On Facebook, people use the `share’ feature to post new content on their walls.
  5. Hard to Monetize – Marketers are finding it too hard to attract people to their ads, products & services. They’re flocking to Instagram!

You need to understand this about people.

  1. People are bored. They want to be entertained!
  2. People have problems. They want to be distracted, to forget their problems for a little while.
  3. People are time poor. They want to find things quickly. Not have to go through a user manual on how to use Twitter.
  4. People are lazy. They want things to be quick!
  5. People are distracted. There are gazillions of ads, subliminal messages, emails, phone calls, texts & notifications in their world. How to grab their attention?

I happen to like Twitter. Let’s wish Jack the best, now that he’s got a chance to do it His Way!

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh