Persistence is your Rocket Fuel!

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Persistence is your Rocket Fuel!

Thinking about space exploration.

Hollywood makes it look easy and exciting to zoom around in space.

The adventures of Star Trek and its Starship Enterprise captured the imagination of millions. Captain James T. Kirk. Going where no man would go…

The Star Trek franchise/series was recently reinvented and updated by J. J. Abrams with a new cast and look.

In reality, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are pioneers in space exploration/travel. It’s expensive! One mistake could cost millions! That’s why Elon Musk tweeted, “Rockets are tricky.”

Having an original idea is great.

But testing new ideas out in the marketplace is not easy. It can be expensive.

Sometimes we hear of people making it big at the 11th hour! We don’t hear about the others who didn’t succeed.

For every 1,000 ideas, maybe only 1 or 2 will work in a big way. You may have some smaller successes with a few, but nothing spectacular.

The Wachowski Brothers hit it big with “The Matrix” series. After that, their movies bombed out. Their latest movie, “Jupiter Ascending” has not received good reviews.

Since I’m a sci-fi fan, I’ll see Jupiter Ascending. Haven’t seen Channing Tatum in a sci-fi flick yet.

Channing Tatum Jupiter Ascending3

So what do you do? Give up at when it doesn’t work?

How many times before you quit?

When Persistence Pays Off!

Many great inventors like Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison persevered against the odds.

They tested their idea many times, modified it when it didn’t work. At some stage, they may have doubted whether it was ever going to work. But they persisted.

It was an Obsession!

Now, we’re grateful for their persistence.

Persistence was their Rocket Fuel for success!

What are you working on? Has it worked yet?

If not, take some time out to evaluate things. Is it worth continuing? If it’s something really important to you and the idea won’t go away, you may need to make some adjustments to your strategy and get more help.

Keep reworking it until it works!

Otherwise, “Fail Fast, Fail Quickly!”

Live Long & Prosper! Peace.

Ivonne Teoh




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