Say Goodbye to Welcome Hello in!

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Say Goodbye to welcome Hello in!

Clutter… messes… incompletes.

We procrastinate when it comes to clearing out our clutter.

“No! Don’t throw that out! That’s my favourite sweater!” you cry out!

I have lots of clothes in my closet but I keep wearing the same things, my favourite tops and skirts lol… Then I say, “I’ve got nothing to wear…” to the amusement of my friends when we go shopping!

So since everybody loves company, we agree to tackle our closets on the same weekend and hit the road with sacks of stuff for the Goodwill shop later. #SayGoodbye to clutter!

The universe doesn’t like vacuums so pretty soon, my closet fills up again.

This time with beautiful new clothes that wouldn’t have any room to fit in when the old stuff was in there.

What are you holding onto?

Think about your own life. Are your closets full? Is clutter a problem? Is your garage full of “Best Buys” from the auto shop? Learn to #SayGoodbye to welcome Hello in! Goodbye #clutter!

Clean out one room at a time….

Start with the easiest room first, maybe the bathroom, then kitchen, then bedrooms. Clear out the clutter, keep the things that you love and actually use. Lastly, the garage where your furniture from your single days are gathering dust & mold in a corner, plus lots of other “Must fix” stuff…

Sit down and take a fresh piece of paper and write down things that you believe in. Do that first then sort them out into “Good” or “Bad” piles.


  • It’s hard to lose weight.
  • I’m not good with numbers.
  • I’m not good with the opposite sex.
  • I’m not good with people.
  • I’m too impatient.
  • I wish I was more confident. [meaning, I’m not good enough]
  • I’m a honest and responsible person.
  • I love to sing.
  • I love my family.
  • I have a bad temper.
  • I hate my job!

#SayGoodbye to the “Bad” ones and keep the “Good”. Then see what other better and best ones that you can say Hello to! Learn to live with less clutter!

Live Long & Prosper, Spock [StarTrek]





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