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Have you’ve seen some of my work with Social media yet?

Zappos Happiness Culture Works!

Happy feeling

You’ve heard of Zappos right?

As a company selling shoes online, they’ve evolved in a huge way to become leaders in the Happiness Culture.

1. Zappos Happy Connected Solution

Are you open to get my help to customise ways to get your staff Zappos Happy and Connected with each other and with the company as a whole?

Why not Ask for my #ZapposHappyConnected Solution?

2. Zappos Happy Feelings Solution

Have your employees been under a lot of pressure and stress? You’ve noticed higher occurrences of sickness and health problems and productivity has dropped.

  • Why not consider using my expertise with social media to reduce stress and to bring back the Happy Feelings at work to have them giggling like kids?
  • Is it OK to have way too much fun at work? Happy people work better and faster!
  • Research shows that looking at pictures of cute animals helps people to feel happier, more focused, productive and it reduces stress.
  • Laughing and smiling works like releasing the “hot air” trapped inside a balloon!
  • I could teach your team how to breathe and meditate to release stress.
  • It’s easier to find better and more creative solutions to problems in a calm state.

Ask for my #ZapposHappyFeelings Solution!

3. Zappos Happy Endings Solution

What Stories has your company been telling?

Bedtime story winds blowing

Has your company been hit by negative media exposure or incidents?

Ask for my #ZapposHappyEndings Solution!

4. Zappos Super Fans Solution

Why Not Improve your Customer Experience & Turn them into Your Super Fans?

Are your customers happy with you?

Do they rave about you to their friends? If not, why not?

Why don’t you ask me to improve your customer experience and turn them into your Super Fans?

  • Zappos don’t try to maximise efficiency. Efficiency is important especially in an online business, like sending the correct shoes to their customers and in a timely manner.
  • But that’s not their core focus.
  • What’s more important to them is to maximise their customer’s experience.
  • When people are happy, they’re more likely to buy more… from you!
  • If they’re not happy with you, the first company (your competitor) that makes them happy gets their money!
  • Zappos made them happy, excited and blown away so that they would come back to buy even more shoes and tell their friends! Talk about Super Fans!

Why not contact me to customise social media strategies to improve your customer experience with your brand or business and to connect with them in a unique and Zappos Refreshing Way?

Dolphins pink shoes2

Ask for my #ZapposSuperFans Solution!



Business success

Business Success Solution

Have you’ve reached a plateau with your business and you’d like to change this?

  • Do you have some ideas for your business and would like to talk it over with a business professional? In confidence?
  • Are you worried about cash flow and how it’s causing you stress and affecting your productivity and peace of mind?
  • Do you sense that there are some self-imposed limitations which are holding you back?
  • Perhaps there is no one suitable available to discuss your concerns at work.
  • Do you feel reluctant to delegate and trust people to do a good job for you?
  • This may be impacting your health as you have too much on your plate.
  • Is morale or confidence at work down and it’s affecting everyone?
  • Or have you’ve been made redundant and are considering starting your own business? You’d like to talk to me about what’s involved and how to handle the compliance and legal requirements.

Having someone who is objective and who can listen to you in confidence may be a way for you to get honest feedback.

Ask for my #BusinessSuccess Solution!

When you’re ready, please contact me to start the discussion. 

It would be my pleasure to be of service to you.

Are you thinking of a Career Change or Reinvention?