Oct 8: Lunar Eclipse – Closure and New Beginnings

Sep 11, 2014 Full moon SYD

Closure means to resolve, to let go and to release the pain, anger, bitterness, sadness or any other toxic emotions associated with an event or person(s). It doesn’t mean that you would cut off all contact or ties with the person involved unless you choose this.

Sometimes it is good to cut off all ties to someone who was a bad influence, a negative person whom you’d prefer not to stay in your life. If it was someone you love, like a parent, you can let go of the pain  and keep the happy memories that you had with them without any manipulation, guilt or dysfunctional behaviours associated previously with them.

When you make peace with this, it means it no longer has the power to hurt you or to push your `buttons’ anymore.

The Lunar eclipse on Oct 8, 2014 brings intense energy and pressure to invite us to make peace, to have closure over painful events and people in our lives.

The moon is a planet which rules over our emotions and mass consciousness so you may feel a little more emotional during this time. Nothing to be alarmed about. Just be aware…

Mercury retrograde on Oct 8 – 25 will bring up a lot of stuff from our past to help us to clear them and move on.

If you can use this pressure to push through, you can get your breakthroughs by working through old pain and sadness from your past which you may have been struggling to let go or you thought you had completed already. Sometimes the pain is in layers. The more you work on it, the deeper stuff will come out.

I had suppressed many memories about my mom because it hurt too much but it can come out when it’s the right time like yesterday. I have done a lot of work on myself but I still needed to get some (outside) help to get it out. It was good to let go at last!

Saturn is the planet which governs karmic debt and last year it brought losses and hardships to many people, myself included. It is finally finishing its journey through Scorpio. Thank goodness!

Focus on what you’ve got left instead of the losses, you can always make more money later! What is important is to learn the lessons and move on. Otherwise, you may be tested later  until you say, “Uncle! I’m done with this!”

Sep 11, 2014 Full moon SYD2


Another significant event is Scorpio’s eclipse on Oct 23rd, the last one for a long time. The next one is not until 2032. Scorpio is all about what’s hidden in the dark,  pain, losses and contraction whereas Sagittarius is about expansion and growth! The good side of Scorpio is rebirth [from darkness in the womb] and transformation. If you’ve been struggling to get an idea off the ground, this could be a good time to give birth to a creative new idea.

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Photo credit: Taken by myself on Sep 11, 2014 Sydney.

Never underestimate the power of making peace with your past!

Never underestimate the power of making peace with your past

“Life is short. Play hard.” We’ve heard this before.

When you’re carrying around emotional baggage, it hurts!
Emotional baggage is all the pain, the hurts, the blame and shame, disappointments and frustrations you have accumulated over the period of your life.

  • It hurts you more than the other person
  • It stops you from playing the biggest game of your life!
  • It keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and going round in circles… until you finally had enough and decide to make a fresh start, a new beginning.

But if you haven’t made peace with your past, nothing really changes. The faces and places may change but the `dramas’ stay the same. Sometimes they get even worse!

There’s a saying… “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…

You can replace the word `anger’ with pain, hurts, fear, frustration, depression, stress and any other negative emotions.

Then there are the judgments! Judgments that people have made on you and those that you have made on other people. How would you like to live a life without judgments?

Just google `judgments’ (sometimes spelt with an e) and this is just one of the findings:


If this resonates with you, please stop drinking the fatal Kool-Aid and get help to release the pain from your past.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison

Photo credit: Flickr: Nisha A – beauty of the wide blue sky.

Frank’s struggle with anger

This is a little story to illustrate how a toxic emotion like anger can hide deep emotional wounds.

Franks struggle with anger

Frank came to me because his anger was reaching frightening levels.

He told me in hushed tones how he would erupt with anger whilst driving and it seemed that the triggering incident was nothing major. In fact it was a small thing, like another car was travelling a little too slowly in front of his car and Frank was in a hurry to get past it. He felt the rage coming up from inside him in a flash, turned to the other driver, screamed and made rude hand signals at the shocked female driver!

Later, he felt ashamed of losing his temper and he couldn’t get the frightened face of the other driver out of his mind. It seemed to remind him of something but he couldn’t quite make out what it was.

At work, he was often in a bad mood and noticed that his colleagues were avoiding him. As soon as he came within sight of a group of colleagues, they would suddenly become quiet and avoid his eyes when he approached. He started to feel uncomfortable to be with people and started `hiding’ in his office.

As a senior manager, he felt that he was letting his team down by not being more approachable and able to communicate in a positive, open way with them. He started to feel worried that senior management would hear about this problem and how it might affect his job.

When he got home, he would simply blow his stack at the slightest provocation. The kids leaving their toys around and he would trip on one of them. Or tearing strips off his youngest son for not eating his vegetables! He would remember guiltily that he hated broccoli himself when he was a kid! When his wife, Sally, asked him what was wrong, he would ignore her and sit in front of the TV for hours to avoid talking to her. Needless to say, their sex life was as frozen as the atmosphere between the two of them.

After digging deeper into his childhood, we discovered that he had been bullied in school. When he got beaten up, he would make excuses for the bruises when he got home. He walked into a door, he tripped… When his mom cornered him and asked him what was wrong, he would say “Nothing” and hide inside his room pretending to do his homework or `research’ for a school project on his computer.

Going to school everyday took all his energy. Even some teachers noticed how quiet he had become. His English teacher, Mrs Jones, was a kindly woman and was worried about him. When she approached him one day and asked what was wrong, he suddenly erupted and screamed at her. Her shocked and frightened face finally made him stop. He ran out of the classroom in despair…

We worked through other incidents like this and released the fear, shame, guilt and anger.

After one particular session, Frank broke down in tears. it was the first time he had allowed himself to cry and release all the fear which have been locked inside for years. It got easier after that. Frank was like a man with a mission and he wanted to be free of those terrible emotions.

It was gratifying to see the progress in Frank and his wife even rang me one morning to say how much he has changed and to thank me for my help!

If this `story’ resonates with you, please contact me so that we can work on it…