22% B2B Sales Jobs Lost by 2020!

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22% B2B Sales Jobs Lost by 2020!

Just found this post by Social Selling Influencer, Timothy (Tim) Hughes, that the Forrester US B2B ecommerce Forecast made the startling prediction that 22% of B2B Sales jobs will be lost to Search Engines by 2020!

22% of B2B Sales People replaced by Search Engines by 2020!

What are search engines? Complex and very smart computer programs (Artificial Intelligence). Google’s spiders have been crawling all over our webpages since the beginning of the internet. What are spiders? Algorithms!

BTW, if 22% of B2B Sales jobs will be lost to AI, what about other jobs?

I wrote about this recently on LinkedIn.

AI/Robots take over Sales & Marketing Jobs?

As humans, we need to learn to make the BEST of the machines, combined with the best of human relationship skills to keep our jobs and to create new ones!

People with highly developed consultancy skills and #socialselling skills will do well. If you can’t handle that, then it’s time to move out of sales if you don’t want to be an Order Taker.

1New way to think

On the other hand, if you’re prepared to change, learn and grow with the Machines, who knows what you’re capable of?

Live Long and Prosper! Peace.

Ivonne Teoh