Are You A CEO? Using Social Media?

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Are You A CEO? Using Social Media?

If the answer is no, I’m not surprised.

A CEO report said that 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs are not using Social Media. At all. Please check my profile on LinkedIn for this post.

Of the CEOs that are using social media, they’re mostly using LinkedIn as it’s a platform for professionals. Others use LinkedIn and Twitter.

Not many use Facebook, Google+ or Instagram.

And God forbid, Pinterest!

Pinterest now has over 50 BILLION pins (photos & videos) and to advertise on Pinterest will cost you a cool $1million!

Paul Johns said that CEOs may be sending out the wrong message by being `unsociable.’ It’s true that CEOs are very busy people. Some say that they’re too busy to bother with social media.

But is it possible that your corporate communications (or lack of) give the impression that you’re aloof, indifferent and even untouchable in some ivory tower?

You see, in this crazy age of social connectedness (where people can find out just about anything about someone or a company from their social media footprint) people are hungry to know about you. Who you are, what you’re like, what are your values, etc.

He warns that CEOs who keep themselves apart, untouchable, cannot possibly survive in the New World of Social Media and Connectedness.

When CEOs are looking for a new job, they’re often assessed on their social media intelligence. They’re asked to PROVE how effective they are on social and how they can do this in their new role.

Basically, you’ll be asked about your Tribe. Your Followers. Your Fans.

Will they come over with you (to the new company)?

Recognise that your customers were the first to be on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and more recently Instagram!

Some of your smarter competitors are also there, talking to and making friends with them. Quietly stealing your customers and staff from you!

While you’re in denial or stranded on Social Media “Lost Island”… apologies for being so blunt but this is costing you money and credibility!

You may have trouble sleeping tonight thinking about this!

But it need not be like that.

If you’re too busy to manage your own social media accounts, you could delegate most of it to an assistant or SM manager. You could control what you want to say according to your social media plan, values and likes/dislikes.

Why not ask me to create an Authentic voice for you?

Wouldn’t you like to be known as an Approachable, Responsible, Warm and Engaging person on Social media?

Live Long and Prosper! Peace.

Ivonne Teoh





Authentic Leaders: “To Mask or Not To Mask”?

A mask Authentic

Authentic Leaders: “To Mask Or Not To Mask”?

Today’s leaders are under a lot of pressure.

They’re busy at work and when they finally get home, they like to chill out and relax. Even then, they often need to attend to phone calls and emails at home. It’s hard to switch off!

Many CEOs and leaders like to keep their private lives separate and private. There’s also the security consideration for their families.

Does it mean that they wear a `mask’ at work and have a different `mask’ at home or when they go out?

Even if they do have a slightly different persona when they’re out shopping with the family during the weekend, is that wrong?

To read more, click on the link below…

Recent Feedback

I was honoured to have this feedback from Brigette Hyacinth, LinkedIn Influencer (she’s got an amazing following) writer of this article on LinkedIn, in reply to my comment:

“I must say Ivonne Teoh you are an awesome person. I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day. You definitely stand out. Your intelligence, sincerity and confidence is greatly admired. I’m honoured to have you in my network. You are a star. Keep on shining!”

Live Long and Prosper! Peace.

Ivonne Teoh