Dreams or Fantasies?

Dreams bigger than excuses

Dreams or Fantasies?

I saw this poster today. It reminded me of many dreams that I’ve had over the years.

Some of them I have pursued. Others have fallen by the wayside for lack of attention.

How do you know if there’s something that you’re meant to do?

You can’t forget it. It sticks in your mind. It won’t let you go.

BUT if you don’t take any action or even write down a Step by Step Plan of what to do and how to get there, it’s a fantasy. Not a dream.

Get it OUT of your head and down on paper.

There’s something about writing it down that activates things in your mind.  “OK, she’s getting serious about it now.”

Some people may even call it an OBSESSION.

Who are some famous people with obsessions?

  • Elon Musk: He wants to take people to Mars. He wants to protect our planet by using sustainable energy and electric cars.
  • Sir Richard Branson: He also wants to make space travel possible (Virgin Galactic). He started with Virgin Records and grew from there.
  • Jeff Bezos: He wants Amazon to dominate the world with its ecommerce and shopping offerings. He’s after more market share. People in the books & retail industry are afraid of him.

While these things are not easy to achieve, these people are single minded in their focus.

I’m currently reading `Elon Musk’ by Ashlee Vance, NY Time Best Selling author. Highly recommend this. Incredible value 421 pages for $9.99 on Kindle. There are so many junk books out there. This is not one of them. Vance asked Musk for his input into the book. He refused. Vance did not give up. After something like 20 times, Musk agreed to an interview. When Vance asked him, he said OK.

The first thing that Musk asked him: “Do you think I’m insane?”

Insane or not, he’s making things possible that other people have not been able to achieve:  Solar City, SpaceX and Tesla.

`No’ or `Impossible’ are two words that do not belong in his world.

Do they belong in your world?

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh

Elon Musk & Artificial Intelligence

1A Elon Musk die on mars

Elon Musk & Artificial Intelligence

Recently Elon Musk donated $10 million towards research on Artificial Intelligence.

Musk, Prof Stephen Hawking and many other scientists signed an Open Letter to keep Artificial Intelligence safe.

So what do they know? How far has research on Artificial Intelligence gone?


Is it even possible that we can control Artificial Intelligence? Is it too late?

Live Long & Prosper! Peace.

Ivonne Teoh

SpaceX DSCOVR weather satellite takes off!

SpaceX DSCOVR weather satellite takes off!


SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch on Feb 11, 2015 was a huge success! Third time lucky!


Al Gore’s idea for this weather satellite has taken 17 long years to succeed.

Many people have laughed at his idea, calling it ‘nutty’, ‘boondoggle’ and “Goresat”.


Finally, this $340 million weather satellite has gone into space to do its job!

Well done to SpaceX, NASA and all the DSCOVR teams to make this a reality.

Elon Musk must be smiling from ear to ear!

This is definitely a Cigar Day!

Cuban cigar



Hey, Life (like rockets) are Tricky!

Hey, Life (like rockets) are Tricky! LOL

Roll your eyes please!

Falcon 9 SpaceX

The headline today of SpaceX’s launch of Dragon 9 was “SpaceX booster landing test fails…” then it showed the rest when you click on it, “but rocket goes on successfully”.


Launching a rocket into space is risky business indeed, as Elon Musk found out last year when it failed and he tweeted, “Rockets are tricky.”

Things didn’t work out quite as SpaceX had expected per the report. “No cigar” reported Musk. Getting the first section of the rocket which is 14 stories tall back on the landing pad in the Atlantic Ocean is not easy. It landed too hard, so that’s why it was no cigar amigo! Maybe the ocean was not completely still, there were some waves. Who knows? Who can control the ocean? Apparently, not even Elon Musk with all his good intentions!

It worked in previous tests. But like share trading and starting with a demo account, everything works fine until you’re trading with your REAL money!

I say that getting Falcon 9 up to space and to ISS (International Space Station) is an incredible achievement, cigar or not!

Like life, rockets are tricky at best and trying to control something 14 stories tall is something to aim for, but OK if no cigar.

What are your goals for 2015?

Are you aiming for that Cigar?

If you don’t get it, but get something close, please do me a favour and celebrate OK?

Here’s a Cuban cigar to start you drooling! I’m just testing it for you. Just in case… LOL

Hey, Elon, get your own cigar! This is mine!

Cuban cigar