Hey, Life (like rockets) are Tricky!

Hey, Life (like rockets) are Tricky! LOL

Roll your eyes please!

Falcon 9 SpaceX

The headline today of SpaceX’s launch of Dragon 9 was “SpaceX booster landing test fails…” then it showed the rest when you click on it, “but rocket goes on successfully”.


Launching a rocket into space is risky business indeed, as Elon Musk found out last year when it failed and he tweeted, “Rockets are tricky.”

Things didn’t work out quite as SpaceX had expected per the report. “No cigar” reported Musk. Getting the first section of the rocket which is 14 stories tall back on the landing pad in the Atlantic Ocean is not easy. It landed too hard, so that’s why it was no cigar amigo! Maybe the ocean was not completely still, there were some waves. Who knows? Who can control the ocean? Apparently, not even Elon Musk with all his good intentions!

It worked in previous tests. But like share trading and starting with a demo account, everything works fine until you’re trading with your REAL money!

I say that getting Falcon 9 up to space and to ISS (International Space Station) is an incredible achievement, cigar or not!

Like life, rockets are tricky at best and trying to control something 14 stories tall is something to aim for, but OK if no cigar.

What are your goals for 2015?

Are you aiming for that Cigar?

If you don’t get it, but get something close, please do me a favour and celebrate OK?

Here’s a Cuban cigar to start you drooling! I’m just testing it for you. Just in case… LOL

Hey, Elon, get your own cigar! This is mine!

Cuban cigar



Lighten up! Look at baby elephants playing!

Baby elephants play_FLickr_Robbert-van-der-Steeg
Baby elephants play_FLickr_Robbert-van-der-Steeg

How are you? Was today a good day for you?

Life can be too serious at times! The media is full of bad news, Ebola, rockets exploding, train crashes, stock market volatility and other horrors!

So please lighten up and giggle when you watch this funny video of baby elephants playing with tyres and other animals having fun!

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Never underestimate the power of making peace with your past!

Never underestimate the power of making peace with your past

“Life is short. Play hard.” We’ve heard this before.

When you’re carrying around emotional baggage, it hurts!
Emotional baggage is all the pain, the hurts, the blame and shame, disappointments and frustrations you have accumulated over the period of your life.

  • It hurts you more than the other person
  • It stops you from playing the biggest game of your life!
  • It keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and going round in circles… until you finally had enough and decide to make a fresh start, a new beginning.

But if you haven’t made peace with your past, nothing really changes. The faces and places may change but the `dramas’ stay the same. Sometimes they get even worse!

There’s a saying… “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…

You can replace the word `anger’ with pain, hurts, fear, frustration, depression, stress and any other negative emotions.

Then there are the judgments! Judgments that people have made on you and those that you have made on other people. How would you like to live a life without judgments?

Just google `judgments’ (sometimes spelt with an e) and this is just one of the findings:


If this resonates with you, please stop drinking the fatal Kool-Aid and get help to release the pain from your past.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison

Photo credit: Flickr: Nisha A – beauty of the wide blue sky.

Are you addicted to pain and suffering?

4291739976_6504724d60_b_Flickr_Anna Muthermuth

The title of this post may sound weird but think about it…

Could it be possible, that you have become addicted to pain and suffering?

It’s not your fault. This may have happened gradually until you became accustomed to the P&S setting which is like the thermostat for your body to ensure that you are neither too hot or cold for comfort.

It’s like the story of the frog in the saucepan and the heat is being turned up slowly.  The frog did not notice at first that it was getting hotter. It was simply just a `little’ warmer than usual… then a little warmer until the frog is just about cooked!

Just look at your life for some clues…

Do you have any areas of your life where there are some issues or problems?

  • Relationships: dramas with your ex-partners or significant other
  • Family: toxic family members who pick on you and criticise whatever you do
  • Financial: (not enough) money problems or you make good money but problem is keeping the money. You just seem to give it away!
  • Work/Career: unemployed or if you’ve got a job you don’t feel happy or fulfilled
  • Business: problems with cash flow, staff, trouble making ends meet
  • Health – physical: asthma, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, stress, weight
  • Health – mental: anxiety, anger, fear, pain, frustration, depression
  • Past issues: relationship (ex-partners) to work (ex bosses, managers or colleagues)

Or things may be okay but you feel that something is missing. You feel that there should be more to life than what your life is about. You wonder what is your life purpose should be…

If you definitely know that there is something missing and you are fed up of getting no where and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to change this, please contact me. I can help.

Time is a currency that everyone gets at the start of the day. Once you’ve spent your day, you can’t get it back. Use it wisely. Otherwise, five years from now, you could be no further ahead.

Look back at your life, say five years ago. And now. Compare the two. Has anything changed significantly for the better? If not, let’s change this.

Time is also money. Stop sabotaging yourself and take action to create your Dream Life and find new opportunities that excite you! Like attracts like. If you don’t change how you attract things, you will keep attracting the same things and people to you as before.

Learn how to make peace with your life. It’s liberating!

You can FINALLY put down all that `baggage’ that you’ve been carrying around with you for years! I can teach you many ways to release them plus have a few laughs as you do it! 🙂