Are you the next Steve Jobs?

Are you the next Steve Jobs?

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A lot has been written about Steve Jobs and his success with Apple.

There’s even been a movie about Steve Jobs where Ashton Kutcher played Jobs.

Steve Jobs started from his garage like Bill Gates. What is it about those garages in the 1970’s?

  • Did you drop out of college too?
  • Did you start a new company like Square, Twitter or Pinterest?
  • Did you build up your company, was a terrible CEO and got fired?
  • Did the company goes down the tubes after you left?
  • Did you get with the program and returned to the same company and proceed to turn it around?

So what can you do from your garage?

Perhaps Steve Jobs may be looking over your shoulder and he’d whisper, “Call it – Mango!”


Jack Dorsey was tipped to be Steve Jobs 2.0 but something happened instead.

PS. Actually, the secret is not in the garage as many people run small businesses from their garage and they never grow to the size of Apple, Microsoft, etc. It’s the Founder who counts and their ideas to change the world!

Useful facts

Other people who have started million dollar businesses from their garage!

Michael Malone started IiNet from his parent’s garage in Perth in 1993.