The Secret of Letting Go


The Secret of Letting Go

I saw a post about self-awareness by Daniel Goleman on LinkedIn today.

He studied many leaders and found that the most successful ones have a high level of self-awareness. They are attuned to their inner signals.

They don’t carry baggage around with them. Not much anyway as nobody’s perfect. They’re too smart to let something or someone hold them back.

I revisited one of the posts that I wrote on LinkedIn in September 2014.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Making Peace With Your Past

People have trouble letting go. I have trouble letting go at times as well.

Why is this?

Guy Findley explains it in this video. It’s only 1:45 minutes short.

We have trouble letting go because we don’t trust life to give us something better. Better than what it asks us to give up.

So we hold on to our pain and our baggage.

Sometimes we even get addicted to pain or suffering. Are you shocked? Ask yourself whether it could be true.

Until we get to the point when the pain is too bad. Or we’re too tired of holding on and we’re ready to let go at last.

Are you ready now?

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh

“When will I see you again?”

When will I see you again?

Karma can be a bitch!
Karma can be a bitch!

Some people were not meant to stay in your life.

They just had a `guest’ appearance in your life to bring you a message or a lesson. Then they leave. Sometimes you may see them around. Or preferably never.

Other people like your parents had a bigger role, more responsibility and stay longer (perhaps you wish they didn’t) but that’s the deal. Everyone comes into this world with two parents unless you were born in a laboratory. Not yet…

Your parents can be your greatest teachers. I know mine were. Sometimes I wished they weren’t quite such great `teachers’… some of the lessons were painful.

Once you’ve got the lesson, let the pain go. It’s all in the past anyway.


If some people have some fantasy of being your `unwanted’ friend, you really have to cut the cords tying you to them and then you can nail that door shut!

Recently, I had some old contacts trying to reconnect with me. But after over ten years with no contribution in my life or any word from them, not even a phone call, it’s too late. Close that door bitch and keep it shut! Time to move on…

Oct 8: Lunar Eclipse – Closure and New Beginnings

Sep 11, 2014 Full moon SYD

Closure means to resolve, to let go and to release the pain, anger, bitterness, sadness or any other toxic emotions associated with an event or person(s). It doesn’t mean that you would cut off all contact or ties with the person involved unless you choose this.

Sometimes it is good to cut off all ties to someone who was a bad influence, a negative person whom you’d prefer not to stay in your life. If it was someone you love, like a parent, you can let go of the pain  and keep the happy memories that you had with them without any manipulation, guilt or dysfunctional behaviours associated previously with them.

When you make peace with this, it means it no longer has the power to hurt you or to push your `buttons’ anymore.

The Lunar eclipse on Oct 8, 2014 brings intense energy and pressure to invite us to make peace, to have closure over painful events and people in our lives.

The moon is a planet which rules over our emotions and mass consciousness so you may feel a little more emotional during this time. Nothing to be alarmed about. Just be aware…

Mercury retrograde on Oct 8 – 25 will bring up a lot of stuff from our past to help us to clear them and move on.

If you can use this pressure to push through, you can get your breakthroughs by working through old pain and sadness from your past which you may have been struggling to let go or you thought you had completed already. Sometimes the pain is in layers. The more you work on it, the deeper stuff will come out.

I had suppressed many memories about my mom because it hurt too much but it can come out when it’s the right time like yesterday. I have done a lot of work on myself but I still needed to get some (outside) help to get it out. It was good to let go at last!

Saturn is the planet which governs karmic debt and last year it brought losses and hardships to many people, myself included. It is finally finishing its journey through Scorpio. Thank goodness!

Focus on what you’ve got left instead of the losses, you can always make more money later! What is important is to learn the lessons and move on. Otherwise, you may be tested later  until you say, “Uncle! I’m done with this!”

Sep 11, 2014 Full moon SYD2


Another significant event is Scorpio’s eclipse on Oct 23rd, the last one for a long time. The next one is not until 2032. Scorpio is all about what’s hidden in the dark,  pain, losses and contraction whereas Sagittarius is about expansion and growth! The good side of Scorpio is rebirth [from darkness in the womb] and transformation. If you’ve been struggling to get an idea off the ground, this could be a good time to give birth to a creative new idea.

Please read the rest of this post on LinkedIn…


Photo credit: Taken by myself on Sep 11, 2014 Sydney.

Are you addicted to pain and suffering?

4291739976_6504724d60_b_Flickr_Anna Muthermuth

The title of this post may sound weird but think about it…

Could it be possible, that you have become addicted to pain and suffering?

It’s not your fault. This may have happened gradually until you became accustomed to the P&S setting which is like the thermostat for your body to ensure that you are neither too hot or cold for comfort.

It’s like the story of the frog in the saucepan and the heat is being turned up slowly.  The frog did not notice at first that it was getting hotter. It was simply just a `little’ warmer than usual… then a little warmer until the frog is just about cooked!

Just look at your life for some clues…

Do you have any areas of your life where there are some issues or problems?

  • Relationships: dramas with your ex-partners or significant other
  • Family: toxic family members who pick on you and criticise whatever you do
  • Financial: (not enough) money problems or you make good money but problem is keeping the money. You just seem to give it away!
  • Work/Career: unemployed or if you’ve got a job you don’t feel happy or fulfilled
  • Business: problems with cash flow, staff, trouble making ends meet
  • Health – physical: asthma, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, stress, weight
  • Health – mental: anxiety, anger, fear, pain, frustration, depression
  • Past issues: relationship (ex-partners) to work (ex bosses, managers or colleagues)

Or things may be okay but you feel that something is missing. You feel that there should be more to life than what your life is about. You wonder what is your life purpose should be…

If you definitely know that there is something missing and you are fed up of getting no where and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to change this, please contact me. I can help.

Time is a currency that everyone gets at the start of the day. Once you’ve spent your day, you can’t get it back. Use it wisely. Otherwise, five years from now, you could be no further ahead.

Look back at your life, say five years ago. And now. Compare the two. Has anything changed significantly for the better? If not, let’s change this.

Time is also money. Stop sabotaging yourself and take action to create your Dream Life and find new opportunities that excite you! Like attracts like. If you don’t change how you attract things, you will keep attracting the same things and people to you as before.

Learn how to make peace with your life. It’s liberating!

You can FINALLY put down all that `baggage’ that you’ve been carrying around with you for years! I can teach you many ways to release them plus have a few laughs as you do it! 🙂




Julie’s abandonment issues

This is another little story to show how some problems can be linked to something in the past.

Julies abandonment issues

Julie came to me out of desperation! She kept attracting the same type of men who would leave her after a few months or so. Only one stayed over a year before he left as well.

She was frustrated by their lack of commitment to her and their lack of faithfulness. She ranted on and on about how disappointed she was after each relationship ended. How much they were missing out, etc. Julie was full of angst and toxic emotions!

She felt especially hurt by John. The one who stayed over a year before he left. When we talked about her pain and sadness over this breakup, she brought up how her dad had left her mom when she was just a child, 5 years old.

Before we started, she said that she had a good relationship with her parents and didn’t mention her dad in too much detail. Until we started talking about John.

Suddenly it seemed like Pandora’s box was open and all her hurt, pain and fear of being abandoned like her mom came out.

We worked together until she could release the shame, guilt, fear and hurt. When her dad left, she blamed herself. She thought that if she had been a good girl, he wouldn’t have left. Of course, that wasn’t true but to a little girl, her world collapsed when her dad left and she blamed herself.

Julie also felt shame that there must be something terribly wrong with her. She must be unloveable or she was a bad girl and being punished. That was why men left her and didn’t want to stay.

After cutting the cords to the men in her past, Julie was able to forgive them as well as forgive herself and to move on.

I didn’t hear from Julie for a couple of months and then I got a surprise visit from her. Guess who was with her? You got it! They were beaming from ear to ear and holding hands together…

If this story has touched something in you and you’d like to find a happy ending like Julie, call me!