Moving Mountains, One Shovel at a Time

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Moving Mountains, One Shovel at a Time

Got a problem? A big one?

Sometimes you need to take a break to get a new perspective on things. To find solutions.

You can’t usually solve it with the same mindset that created it or made space for it to happen. The universe hates vacuums and will fill up any space if you leave it empty or unattended.

It’s like a free parking space. It doesn’t stay free for long. Sooner or later, someone will spot it and zoom into it, if you’re a bit slower on the take.

The answer to moving mountains?

Put in the work: One shovel at a time.

  1. ASSESS your problem. What is it? Forget about the dramas and what happened. What is your problem? Not enough clients, people not paying (debtors), too much work?
  2. DECIDE on your plan. If you don’t have a plan (probably why you got into trouble in the 1st place), get one or change it.
  3. RESOURCES Check your resources, people who can help. Call up a few favours.
  4. EXECUTE meaning, take action! Don’t expect someone else to fix your problem for you (unless you’re paying them).
  5. DEBRIEF Is it fixed, or does it still need some work?

Some problems require a lot of work. Incremental work.

Like losing weight, you don’t lose 20 lbs in ONE DAY!

You can make excuses or you can solve your problem.

You choose!

Come on, you can do it!

Move your mountains, one shovel at a time.

Live Long & Prosper. Peace.

Ivonne Teoh