Can you Screw It like Richard Branson?

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Can you screw it like Richard Branson? Actually, he’s now a Sir and well deserved too for his many contributions to the world!

Unlike Steve Jobs, so far there’s no movie about Richard Branson yet.

Richard Branson has written several books; the first one being “Losing My Virginity.”

The latest one I read, “Screw it, let’s do it” is a small book and quite easy to read. I read it in one go! He talked about how he started with the Student magazine, then Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic plus his many adventures with air balloons.

In this book, he talked about having fun, being bold, how to challenge yourself, stand on your own feet, live for the moment, valuing family and friends, to have respect for everyone and doing good. His mum taught him a lot about life and how to deal with challenges.

His success has been a result of his unique leadership style and other factors.

He says that having fun is really important to him. If he doesn’t enjoy it, he’ll stop.

Sir Richard Branson has certainly entertained all of us with his adventures, shocked some people with his crazy ideas like stripping naked for one of his ads but people still admire him. He stands for the Peter Pan in us, playful, impulsive. But the difference with Richard is that he calculates the risks when considering to do it (or not).

He can tell within 60 seconds if he likes an idea or someone. So far, his intuition has served him well!

I’m sure that Sir Richard Branson will continue to surprise us!

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The Final Frontier – “I’ve never been to me…'”

Flickr_Meditation_6225530793_5cee65a95c_b_Moyan Brenn

Space, the final frontier… awaits eager fans who would love to be on the first spaceships out to Mars and beyond! If you’re a Star Trek, Star Wars, Avatar or Guardians of the Galaxy fan, perhaps you can relate to this.

So far, over 530 people have paid just over USD200,000 for a seat on Virgin Galactic’s flights out of SpacePort America in New Mexico.

What is strange for many is that they have one place they have not yet explored or conquered! Themselves. What lies deep down inside…

Listen to this song by Charlene, “I’ve never been to me…” (lyrics included)

Running away from yourself doesn’t help. Wherever you go, whoever you’re with next, the one thing that stays the same ~ is you!

It’s time to let go of the blame, regrets, sadness, shame and judgments by others on you and your own judgements on yourself.

It’s time to heal the internal conflicts and put all the pieces back together for a Brand New You!

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn [Flickr]