Robots Taking Your Job?

1 A Robots helpdesk.1aRobots Taking Your Job?

Just read that Walmart has opened their first fully automated online groceries collection point in the UK. Robots will assemble the orders and give them to the truck drivers. Pretty soon the truck drivers will also be robots. Driverless cars have already been tested.

Martin Ford, in his new book, “Rise of the Robots” warns that robots, computers and automation will take over our jobs soon, causing massive disruption to the economy.

In the US alone, he cites the study by 2 Oxford researchers who say that 50% of jobs will be taken over by robots within 20 years.

I have written about this several times already.

You can find my series on Artificial Intelligence/Robotics in my LinkedIn profile.

How do we prepare for robots taking over (too many) of our jobs?

Not very well, I’m afraid. How can we fight the Machines?

Live Long and Prosper! Peace.

Ivonne Teoh